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The great and not so great thoughts on the minds of those behind

Good Directions

Unlike most men I am not afraid to follow directions. I will trust my GPS even when a better route is clear before my eyes. I enjoy building things by the plans. This trait was very useful a few days ago when it turned cold outside. You see, my family moved into a new home […]

Quotes from Catalyst ’09

“WTF” – Rob Bell “The moment you feel the need to tightly manage someone, you might have made a hiring mistake.” – Jim Collins “A culture characterized by trust attracts trustworthy people and quickly surfaces those who are not.” – Andy Stanley

Thoughts @ Twilight

Upon announcing that our youth group was invited to come out to the movies and watch Twilight with me, I was intrigued in a new way… History: I spent a great deal of time reading through the many reviews of this movie.  I did this because I enjoy studying anything that reaches the culture of our young […]

graceful defeat

I am a very competitive person. It is my nature, my make-up. Childhood memories let me know that it has always been this way: racing to the swings at Warriors Path State Park during my 5 yr old b-day party wrestling with my father on a daily basis knowing there would be a time that I […]

Being the Best – good enough?

Last week, the Philadelphia Phillies (what a creative name) won the World Series. But, the truth is, I do not care. Why is this? I am a big sports fan and have watched quite a bit of baseball this year. Yet, when it was time for the world series, I tuned out. Based on their […]